I am a mom, a friend, a systems-thinker, an artist and a social worker. Not in that order.

Since second grade in 1989 I grew up in Wingina, Virginia, which consists of country roads, ghosts towns, fields and forests, and the James River. My childhood smelled of turpentine, pine tar, and dirt.

Most of my adulthood has been spent in Charlottesville, Virginia except for the 7 years that my family defected to Columbia, South Carolina where I went to graduate school.

In 2008 I completed my MSW and have worked with sexual violence, early childhood trauma, domestic violence, medical trauma, parenting support, and end of life care.

My husband has been my homie since 1999 and we have two wonderful kids who are gifted nearly opposite personalities and superpowers.

My goal here is to share my thoughts on stuff: on parenting, on the way systems and people work (what makes it tick?), and on self-care and resilience.

It’s called Life In Exchange because I believe that we are all connected, that we are here to share our talents and gifts and I hope to both be present in this forum by sharing myself through blogging and to have my experience enriched through the sharing of others.


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