About Us

We are Jessica Lawrence (JL) and Helen Dempsey-Henofer (HDH). We have been in each other’s corner pretty consistently  since second grade in 1989 and both grew up in Wingina, Virginia, which consists of country roads, ghosts towns, fields and forests, and the James River. Our friendship has morphed over time from playing with My Little Ponies and watching Batman: The Animated Series to impromptu road trips to the park with our kids and the occasional girls night out. Professionally, Jessica is a full-time writer and Helen is a clinical social worker. One night we were out together at dinner and working on writing exercises (doesn’t everyone do this with their friends at dinner?) when the idea for this blog came into being.

JL: I’ve been thinking about making a blog for my writing. Do you know about that? They’re getting expensive! 

HDH: I think they’re still free if you don’t have your own domain name. Like if you used http://www.wordpress.com/JessicaLawrenceRocks I think it would be free. 

JL: Oh, yeah? I think when I was looking it was like ten dollars a month. 

HDH: Yeah. Wait. I think I own one from when I was doing the exchange student thing. Lifeinexchange.com. We could do it together like a back and forth where I write something and at the end of my writing I’d leave a prompt for you to respond to, and then every other day we’d each be writing in response. 

JL: Yeah and we could maybe find our prompts in what we’re reading. 

So, that’s how we got here. At least, that’s the short version.

If you’ve found your way to this blog and like what you see, please leave us a comment. Share your thoughts and feedback.



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