Shots fired: When Hater Harriet packaged fear as a moral value (and I threw up in my mouth a little)…

After my daughter’s school PTO hyped up their fundraiser at Chick-Fil-A (thanks, but no thanks), I stumbled upon this gem of WTF on the Facebook: I cut out the author’s name because I don’t want them harassed, but if that’s a problem (if they want credit for these brilliant thoughts I don’t want to getContinue reading “Shots fired: When Hater Harriet packaged fear as a moral value (and I threw up in my mouth a little)…”

Elections lost and PTO fundraisers, deplorable.

I remember groaning back in 2016 and being so mad at Hillary Clinton. I could not believe she said “deplorable.” Could. Not. Believe. It. I was aghast that she thought that thought needed to come out of her mouth. Hearts and minds are important and, believe it or not, when you label and insult folksContinue reading “Elections lost and PTO fundraisers, deplorable.”

Welcome to my house: How I met the world from the comfort of my home.

We had moved for my graduate program. My family: irreverent, wickedly humorous, sci-fi/fantasy loving, non-religious, diversity-welcoming goofballs that we are found our selves in the South. My husband and I had grown up in the south of Virginia and Maryland, but not this kind of South. This was the openly racial-slur dropping, homophobic, gun-loving SouthContinue reading “Welcome to my house: How I met the world from the comfort of my home.”

When the world didn’t pause for my lack of discipline

I don’t really feel like writing, but that’s why it’s important now to make the effort. Today was full of half-formed ideas, articles I read, comments that resonated with me. Yet I’d much rather just not. I’d rather eat nachos and watch Netflix. Not that I have nachos. I’d settle for laying on the couchContinue reading “When the world didn’t pause for my lack of discipline”

“Please go away,” an inadequate response to gentrification coffee-drinkers

She handed me two dollars across the counter, smiled, pulling her lips back across her  perfect teeth, and asked me if I was from here. I raised my eyebrows. “I’m from the next county to the south, but there are no jobs there. You?” She was from Long Island, but my asking wasn’t necessary. EveryoneContinue reading ““Please go away,” an inadequate response to gentrification coffee-drinkers”

Outside of cages, the other side of righteous anger

Anger is: A natural response to injustice A transitory stage of grief Sometimes safer than sadness or vulnerability Considered a secondary emotion All of the above I find that when “all of the above” is offered on a multiple choice it is usually a safe bet. In fact, William Poundstone asserts in “Rock Paper Scissors:Continue reading “Outside of cages, the other side of righteous anger”

Exercising intention through Easter Eggs

When all the boys came to the yard, lured in by anticipation of milkshakes, they knew about Easter Eggs. They expected something good might happen. For those that have forgotten, or just didn’t have context for the expression, an Easter Egg is a delightful little surprise. Programmers often tuck them into video games. Rather thanContinue reading “Exercising intention through Easter Eggs”

Leaving “bitch” behind

How many women’s relationship with the word “bitch” is a complicated one? I’d love to have a show of hands. The complexity of my relationship starts in adolescence, “Hey, bitches!” just as easily spilling out of my lips as, “Hey, girl!” Hugs, makeup, loud music, illicit parties, shoes to match the car (really). At timesContinue reading “Leaving “bitch” behind”

Is Vulnerability weakness or superpower?

What’s your superpower? I’ve got two kids. My daughter is a force of nature, a bundle of fearless energy. She has never met a stranger and would throw caution to the wind, but never had any caution to begin with. Her willingness to be all in all the time is her superpower. My son isContinue reading “Is Vulnerability weakness or superpower?”