Exchange Squad 2017

I imagine that there’s a ribbon, a blue and green globe-printed ribbon, and that the Virginia team of academic coordinators is racing along to place 20 students (that’s where the ribbon is, at the 20 student mark).

CHI’s goal is for the academic year program to place 900 students this year.  That’s 900 kids with the opportunity to experience the United States and American culture first hand whose lives the program will touch.  That’s awesome! I want my team to do our part and am sure we can find at least 20 awesome host families for exchange students in Virginia.

Our team is assigned the following kiddos to find host families for.  We’ll post those matches once they’re made.

  1. Laura from Spain (10th grade): Laura is an enthusiastic 10th grade girl.  She is interested in being in theater productions and enjoys science.  She has outstanding grades and strong English.  She is the youngest in her family and has a 17 year old brother.
  2. Augusto from Brazil (11th grade):  He wants to be a doctor and enjoys reading books like Harry Potter. AND he’s got one great smile. Augusto also has outstanding English and is a serious student.  He’s a low-key guy and enjoys watching TV and playing video games and would love to have a host family that is fun and relaxed.

These are outstanding kids and we are looking forward to getting to know them in the coming school year.

Hosting an exchange student is a fun, rewarding, and mind-opening and I personally think it’s something that everyone should experience.  It is so important that we share ourselves and take an interest in others, especially people that are culturally different than we are.

We’re well on our way to our goal as jogging into June we have placed 14 students for next year.

Virginia’s Exchange Squad 2017 will include:

  1. Marina from Spain: Hosted by Kerrie & Michael in Nelson County!
  2. Maria from Spain: Hosted by Richard & Cheryl in Louisa County!
  3. Claire from Belgium: Hosted by Tiffany & Victor in Louisa County!
  4. Edouard from Belgium: Hosted by Alyson in Luray!
  5. Diana from Mexico: Hosted by Becca & Chris in Luray!
  6. Berta from Spain: Welcomed by Nicole & Fred in Luray! 
  7. Victoria from Spain: Hosted by Helen & Chris in Albemarle County!
  8. Hoang from Vietnam: Hosted by Denise & Dan in Albemarle County!
  9. Lucia from Spain: Hosted by Kirsten & David in Albemarle!
  10. Chiara from Italy: Hosted by Lynn & Charles in Albemarle!
  11. Alejandra from Spain: Hosted by Ana in Fauquier!
  12. Nicha from Thailand: Hosted by Jenna & Kelly in Fauquier!
  13. Francesca from Italy: Hosted by Traci in Fluvanna!
  14. Lucia from Spain: Hosted by Jenni in Nelson County! 
  15. Ana from Spain: Placement pending with Ryan & Kathleen in Harrisonburg! 
  16. Uzay from Turkey: Placement pending with Allison & Mujahid in Rustburg!

Interested in hosting? Call me: 803.206.4625.

Notice that Berta is being welcomed by Nicole & Fred? While each student needs a host family for the school year, Welcome Families host for 8-10 weeks to give students an opportunity to get established in their schools while we continue to look for a school-year host family for them.  If you want to give hosting a try but are hesitant about the school-year commitment then this is a good option.

Not the right time for you, but you’ve got a ton of awesome friends (or even one) who shares my enthusiasm for knowing others? Refer them to us and help make dreams come true.  I see success getting closer.



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