Thankful Friday: Vol. One

Thankful Thursday:

Thankful Friday resolution:

I think it’s normal to get caught up in the happenings of life.

Indeed, there’s so much happening!

I work with exchange students in Virginia and they are:

In art club, performing in plays, being involved in sports, meeting new friends, exploring, discovering and getting their bearings in their schools and communities.

Life is busy.  I think each of our students is awesome and I am impressed.

With this in mind, it’s important to pause and give thanks.  Especially to those around us. Relationships can be strained when we don’t express that people are appreciated. As our host families are volunteering to share their lives and their homes, it is of particular importance that exchange students express their thanks to them.  If, in life’s busyness, you might forget then it would be a good practice to start the day by expressing thanks.

It is my goal to post something biweekly that you can practice to let others know you appreciate them.

This week’s suggestion:

Write a note.  Say thank you to your family for the role they play in your life and the opportunities you would not have without them.

Don’t do it just once, but occasionally leaving a note to say thank you can really brighten someone’s day when they are not expecting it.

I am thankful for you and want you to have the best experience you can have.  Giving thanks can help your experience be it’s best.

It’s on my calendar now and I plan to be making a suggestion every other week!

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