Way to go, Thao!


Virginia’s own exchange student, Thao, at Fluvanna County High School was written about on the Cultural Homestay International website.

“CHI high school exchange student Thao Nguyen, from Vietnam, is one of seven CHI high school exchange students currently in Virginia.  Thao’s departure back to Vietnam at the end of her program this year is going to be rerouted as she will be leaving Virginia to go the national high school speech competition in California! Thao placed third in the state of Virginia for Fluvanna County High School in the Original Oratory category of public speaking and is going on to compete against students (and native English-speakers at that) from all over the United States.  Her success has been supported by her phenomenal host family, the Fiedlers, who have been hard at work supporting the fundraising efforts of Thao’s team.

We are so proud of this exceptional Academic Year Program student. Those inspired by Thao’s story can contribute to her team’s fundraising efforts by visiting: https://www.gofundme.com/flucospeechchamps.  So many students come to the U.S. to find opportunities for personal growth and education and Thao is the perfect example!

Thao shared some photos with us from her time in the U.S. as well as with her speech competition team.”

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