Self Care: What’s That?

It might be a terrible idea to try to crank out 4 blog posts right. now.

But I am.

I’m doing it to get myself organized and after that my goal will be to post 2-3 a week.

There are 3 categories that I’m talking about in this blog.

  1. Exchange Student Program
  2. Social Issues & Being a Social Worker
  3. Self Care
Post numero dos is about topic numero trois.
Self care means many different things to me.
In no particular order what comes to mind:
  • Art: Making time to make it
  • Loving my kids so that they feel good about themselves
  • Self-compassion
  • Partnership: “Be awesome to each other.”
  • Reading
  • Taking time to do grown up things with grown ups
  • Doing more (read: something) to care for my physical health


I need to do better in this regard.  Often at the end of my work day I find that I collapse onto the couch to “relax” (binge watch How to Get Away With Murder or Fringe). Eventually I shuffle off to bed. This “relaxing” isn’t the same thing as self-care. What’s different about it? Well, in my thinking, self-care is different in that it is intentional. My TV watching isn’t so much intentional as it is lazy. Additionally, when I care for myself the activity makes me feel good. When I stop watching TV I feel just as blah as I did when I started.

Awesome tee shirt from featuring me watching TV.

“When I do good, I feel good; When I do bad, I feel bad and that is my religion.”

– Abraham Lincoln

Well played, sir. Well played.

This is not meant as criticism of those of you who legitimately LOVE television and walk away from the TV feeling better. I simply don’t and need to do something differently more often.

It’s my hope to have a least 2-3 posts per week in this bloggity blog and for at least one of those to be about my self-care. Maybe I’ll exercise. Who knows?!?!

I’ll likely at least write a blog post about thinking about exercising.

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