Let’s do this.

I’m Helen.  I’ve been meaning to getting around to this. Blogging.

My blog is for myself in a number of ways. It is my hope that stating my goals in a public space will help me keep myself accountable. Thanks for helping, internet. 😉

As I write, “To state my goals…” I feel a wince in my brain and my inner child/baboon on a bicycle shrieks “Stop it! That’s painful! Goals?!? Really?! This is the internet, lady! Where are your farting kittens?” I sometimes struggle with adulting.

Back to it. Goals. What am I up to, other than ball-gagging that damned baboon?

I’m an administrator at the state level of an exchange student program.  I’m charged with growing the program in Virginia and need a place to document the story of this project. It makes a lot of sense that I’ve taken on this project as it fits snugly into the values of the quasi-adult idealist who shares my brain with a baby baboon.

I’m also a professional social worker in an emergency department. I need to write about how I think about trauma and all the other fun trauma-related stuff that influences how I do my work. Clearly, that part of my thinking is about as “for-everyone” as the Tetsuo movies. Maybe you don’t want to read it. Maybe you do. Either way, I need to start writing down my thoughts on issues and how my work with those issues is influenced by my experiences.

Lastly: To do what I need to do I must take care of myself (This is big. It’s food, relationships, art, friends). That piece must be in place.

That’s it.

Finally to give credit where credit is due: my 9 year old son, David, named my blog. This evening I said to him, “I need a name for a blog for my exchange student program, social worky, life stuff.” He responded, like it was obvious, “Life in exchange?” Which is awesome. AWESOME because it means something different in each of those contexts and is way more simple that the wordy over-the-top garbage I kept coming up with and hating. Thanks kiddo, you rock.


Now let’s get started.



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