Helen Dempsey-Henofer

I am a mom, a friend, a systems-thinker, an artist and a social worker. In no particular order.

I grew up in Wingina, Virginia. A holdout of wilderness, Wingina (the pronunciation of which I was eternally embarrassed by as an elementary-school transplant) consists of country roads, ghosts towns, fields and forests, and the James River. My childhood smelled of turpentine, pine tar, and dirt.

With the exception of the 7 years that my family defected to Columbia, South Carolina while I tallied up my first graduate degree, most of my adult life has been spent in Charlottesville, Virginia. My coming-of-age was in the service industry there: washing dishes, waiting tables, making coffee. Not unlike many people who live in the place that they are from (Wingina is in Charlottesville’s surrounding counties), I’d describe my relationship with this place as, “It’s complicated.” Charlottesville’s gift is that it inspired in me a passion for social justice as it relates to organizational systems.

In 2008 I completed my MSW and have since worked with sexual violence, early childhood trauma, domestic violence, medical trauma, parenting support, and end of life care.

In September 2020 I complete my MBA through LSU Shreveport’s College of Business. I am interested in combining my knowing of human behavior & relationships from my years of clinical social work experience with business acumen to analyze and strengthen organizational systems. Ever the idealist, I want to make things better.

My husband has been my friend since 1999 and we have two wonderful kids who are gifted nearly opposite personalities and superpowers.

My goal here is to share my thoughts on stuff: on parenting, on the way systems and people work (what makes it tick?), on self-care and resilience.

GOAL: 52 in 12

If there was any one piece of advice that I wish we/everyone took to heart it would be this: to live life intentionally. What this means to me is that we live our values. This influences the sort of work we do, how we are with our families and friends, and how we treat ourselvesContinue reading “GOAL: 52 in 12”

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